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The 1999 Philippine Webby Awards

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Dentistry Online

Dr. Gary C. Molina, DMD
Cebu City, Philippines
GlobeWhat's Inside
This website is designed and aimed for people from all walks of life. This site provides simple answers to common questions regarding dental problems and other dental related subjects, using terms and definitions that can easily be understood by "netizens" from the non-medical and non-dental professions.
By clicking on Oral Anatomy, we will give you a quick tour inside your oral cavity (mouth),and acquaint you with the different parts.
The segment on The "Molar Truth" a more thorough discussion derived from questions sent in by our guests.
So go ahead, click on Inquiries and ask us anything you want to know about your dentition. We would be more than glad to answer them.

We will store 'em all!
We don't want you to miss a thing. Past issues on The "Molar Truth" is... will be stored in Archives.

BookWe have a Guestbook!
This site will be constantly updated. We will be glad to send you updates through e-mails in every new changes this website will have in the future. So don't miss to spend a while signing our Guestbook. This website will undergo a lot of changes and perhaps facelifts. We will be very happy to hear any comments in the future.

Some Home Tips for you!
Having problems with badbreath? Can't sleep with your toothache? Or, simply having sensations while brushing your teeth? Here's a new interesting segment for you! Some helpful home remedies to ease all your discomforts! 

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